Setting - AIR function

Select “Area” in the tab bar on the app's main screen and then set each function of the AIR area.

When the setting is complete, always walk-test to ensure the proper operation.


Set the sensitivity level for the AIR detection area. By increasing the level, the detection area becomes larger. Set the sensitivity low when the sensor operation is unstable.

2 sec. /

10 sec. /

30 sec. /

60 sec. /

180 sec. /

600 sec. /


All rows have a presence detection function. Select the preferred time for presence detection. Setting longer than 60 sec. is recommended.




When multiple spots of the AIR area detect an object / objects, the presence timer automatically switches to “infinite”.

Use this function to avoid continuous presence detection without any objects when the “Presence timer” is set to “infinite”.

When using this function, we recommend setting the “Presence timer” to a setting other than “infinite”.

Setting 1 /

Setting 2 /

Setting 3 /

Setting 4

Select different settings when using multiple sensors in the event the detection areas overlap.


The number of rows is selectable from the depth adjustment drop down menu.


There are 6 options to select from for the detection area width.

The pattern width of each row can be changed.

Disable /

Lv1 /

Lv2 /


Use this function only when a malfunction occurs due to rain, snow, or other factors. The higher the level, the stronger it becomes against malfunctions. However, the detection area becomes smaller.

Disable /


1 sec. /

2 sec. /

3 sec. /

4 sec. /

5 sec. /

6 sec. /

7 sec. /

8 sec. /

9 sec. /

10 sec.


* This animation is a reference diagram based on microwave being set as the activation output.


When BLUEZONE function is enabled/selected, Row 1 that provides protection in the threshold area is active, while the sensor is in detection.

Door cancel

Use this function when a malfunction occurs due to a door detection by the 1st row of the infrared area. After the sensor is set to non-detection status and the designated time setting has passed, the 1st row of the infrared area becomes unavailable. Use this function when the 1st row of the infrared area needs to be set close to the door.