Battery holder - for CR123A Lithium batteries -

Parts identifications

Applicable models

How to use the holder
- for installing to the Smart Line SL-100/200TNR -

Insert four (4) batteries (not included) to each holder.
Set to a detecor.
If the transmitter uses CR2 lithium battery (3.0 V DC), change the combination of the dummy battery.

Close plate and wiring.

Route the wires through the notches of battery plate.

System diagram


- Short circuit
If a short circuit occurs, replase the CRH-5 with a new one.
Use the BCU-4 (Battery Common Unit, option) when sharing the CRH-5 with a wireless transmitter.


Web manual reference

Link to the Web manuals of the applicable models.

Link to "SL-100TNR/SL-200TNR" manual

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