Setting - How to use the app

Use a smartphone / tablet computer to change the settings of OAM-EXPLORER.

Search “OPTEX” in an app store (App Store / Google Play) and install the setting app “Industrial Door Sensor Setup”.

(Tap the icon below to install the app in an app store.)


01Before using the app

Please ensure that you fully understand the following before using the app.

For use of this app, read the license and privacy policy stated in the app.

This app uses the location information of the smartphone / tablet computer and the Bluetooth function. Enable each function to use the app.

02Initial setting

The user setting screen is displayed when the app is launched for the first time. Entering the information is optional.


Once the setting has been completed, a device list screen will be displayed.

03Log in to the sensor

To display the log-in screen, turn on the sensor and tap the appropriate sensor from the list displayed on the screen.

Enter the password set for the sensor and log in.


04Enter the installation address

Enter the address where the sensor is installed and a site name that is easy for you to remember. Entering the information is optional.


Once all of the necessary information has been entered, the main screen will be displayed.

05Overview of the main screen


Check the sensor status and use the installation support function (fixed output / installation mode).

Set the AIR and Microwave areas.

Set the output from the sensor. (activation, supplemental safety, and AUX)

Register or delete optional devices.


Check the information on the sensor. Change the sensor password and device name displayed in the device list.

Acquire sensor settings and save them as favorites. In order to improve installation efficiency, save frequently used settings, which can be sent out by one tap at installation sites. Favorite settings can be edited without logging in to the sensor.

Cancel the changes to be made and return to a pre-change state.

Restore the “Area” and “Output” settings to the factory settings.

Send the sensor setting information Via Email.

Go to the web manual on the sensor. (this website)

Display the license, privacy policy, and copyright notice of this app. Agree to them before using the app.

Change the user information and the language.

Log out of the sensor.